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For uniforms, merchandise, premiums and giveaways, where your company needs a more “Eco” driven product, contact our Green Design Services team. From reduced carbon footprints to sustainable materials and organic products, our team designs and creates products that love the earth and that you will love. 

Contact us now for more information on how we can help you to help the planet. 



Getting the right fit is really important for a comfortable “Fit for purpose” uniform.

At Designer Uniforms we offer both sizing and tailoring services.

When ordering in sizes you choose your size either from a ready-made sample size pack or from a size chart and we produce your uniforms to those sizes. Sizing is advantageous because it is cost effective and fast.

Tailoring is a special service we offer for those clients who require a personalised fit for their corporate attire. Specifically made for your body, tailoring provides a look that is truly you. We can even follow your favourite tailored clothes for a perfect fit.



At Designer Uniforms we offer a total “one stop solution” for your uniform requirements, handling every step from design of the apparel or merchandise, to prototyping actual samples and the mass production of your finished products.

We specialize in apparel design backed up by our team of designers and production experts, offering unique insights and expertise in fashion, manufacturing, accessorizing and branding to both guide and assist our clients through the process of creating a new uniform.

Everything is taken into consideration for your project, from understanding your Corporate Identity, demographics for both staff and audience, performance requirements, budget and even where your uniforms will be worn and how they will be washed or how your merchandise is to be used.

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